JetBoil stove gimbal mount


Having a stable and fixed position for your JetBoil stove whilst at cooking sea is vital.  There have been many examples of crew members being scalded by boiling water as the boat is tipped by a wave during cooking.  Occasionally this has lead to the crew member needing to get off the row boat for emergency medical treatment.

The Compact Stable Stove overcomes all of these concerns by providing a fixed (yet easily removed) mount for your JetBoil stove.  It is also gimballed reducing the chance of boiling water sloshing over you when a wave hits the boat.

The Compact Stable Stove is made from marine grade stainless steel and has brass bearings for the gimbal to ensure smooth operation. The unit is supplied with a bulkhead bracket that allows the unit to be easily mounted onto your boat in a suitable location.

(JetBoil not included)


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Stable Stove options

Stable Stove Mount (Flash), Stable Stove Mount (Sumo), Extra wall bracket