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The Icon Rowing Seat is without question the most comfortable thing you can sit on whilst rowing an ocean.

Obviously sitting down for 12 hours a day rowing is going to put some pressure on your rear end but there is no reason why you should finish your ocean passage unable to sit down without pain.  The Icon Rowing Seat has been specifically developed to reduce pressure points that can cause sores but also is easy to clean salt off thereby eliminating the chance of salt water boils.

The length of the seat is longer than a standard rowing seat to provide more support under the thighs, reducing pressure points on the bottom, allowing the back of the thighs to take some of the body weight.  The rear of the seat has built in raised sections to help the rower locate the optimum seating position and reduce the chance of falling off the seat in providing  extra grip and stability in the most difficult rowing conditions.

Technical Specification:

The construction of the rowing seat includes 3 varieties of Icon Rowing developed cellular contour foam, a layer of rebound rubber and two special types of robust fabric stiffeners, plus other unique design details to provide the most comfortable thing you will ever sit on in an ocean row boat.

The leather outer covering is a double thickness of Grade A,  premium leather hide, which is fire retardant. This provides a most durable outer cover for the seat ensuring that the foams and rubber on the inside of the seat remain securely fixed in place.

Stitching is all in marine quality waterproof nylon, triple stitched with internal waterproof webbing and stainless steel staples on the underside.  The Icon Label on the exterior is embroidered on reflective tape which helps you locate the seat at night time.

Each Icon Rowing seat is completely hand made to order and colours may vary. If you have a specific colour request then please contact us for availability.  The total weight of the complete Icon rowing seat is approximately 1100 grams (1.1 kilos).

The base of the seat comprises of a solid timber base, allowing safe and secure fixing for your wheel carriage.  The seat can be either used as the solid base to mount wheels directly onto, or can be attached onto an existing seat platform.

The original and still the best by a mile. New Ocean Wave is the sole distributor of all Icon Rowing products.

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