Britannia – Rowing Along Across the Atlantic


Man’s powers of survival in the most adverse conditions remain of absorbing interest to all and a challenge to the few.  One who took up the challenge was John Fairfax who succeeded in his attempt to row the Atlantic single-handed.

The serpentine in Hyde Park might seem and incongruous training ground for rowing the Atlantic, but it was his four hours a day practice here that ensured the stamina to sustain all the way to Florida. He has arrive in England, penniless, boatless and with no contacts; yet he persuaded Uffa Fox to design a boat for him. It took a year and a half to finance the project, to find people to believe in him, a time of many set-backs and not much encouragement. But when finally he set off from the Canary Islands he reached Florida in 180 days.

This book is a unique factual record, written on his journey, of the problems he encountered and his methods of overcoming them, of his hopes and his nightmares, and of his eventual triumph.

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