The BARCELONA – IBIZA and IBIZA – BARCELONA races are NOMAN exclusive premier ocean rowing events. Teams of amateur rowers are pitted against each other across 200 miles in journey that is expected to last 3 days. Rowing across an ocean is like no other sport, it is as much about the crew’s’ ability to cope mentally, as it is about technique and physical strength. The training, boats and equipment are all top of the line allowing the teams to focus on the race. No prior rowing experience required.

Follow the link below to view the highlights from the 2015 race and send us an email to register your interest

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Since 2013 NOMAN has been challenging participants to races that require as much mental grit as physical strength. All for one cause: End 5% of cancers.  The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) causes 5% of cancers  and 80% of people will come into contact with the virus. The majority of HPV-related cancers can be prevented simply by vaccinating boys and girls against this devastating virus.


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