Independent row support

We understand that not everyone wants to row the Pacific as part of the Great Pacific Race.  However, New Ocean Wave is happy to offer our outstanding logistical, weather, routing, media, training and other support services to those taking part in other independent rowing challenges.

We can assist by providing any or all of the following:

  • Route planning – If you’ve got a dream of rowing a specific route then get in touch.  We have first hand experience of successfully assessing the viability of new routes and can help plan your row by factoring in all elements to make your unique challenge a success.

Route planning

  • Advice and training  – Unless you’ve rowed an ocean before it’s vital that you get guidance and advice from those who have experience.  We can help train you and prepare your body and mind for the challenge of a lifetime.
  • Sourcing a boat – It can be hard to find the right boat and prepare it without the required knowledge.  We can arrange boat survey’s and manage any renovations required so you get the boat you need at the right price.
  • Weather forecasting – You need to know not just what the weather is doing in the next day but what it’s doing in the next week and how you can maximize its benefits. We can help provide a decision on when to start your row based on the weather outlook, personalized weather forecasting when you’re at sea and advice on the position of ocean currents.


  • Logistical assistance moving your boat around and ensuring it arrives at your start venue on time and undamaged.  We can also manage the safe return of your boat after you complete your challenge.
  • 24/7 support network – We will only a phone call away, ready to answer your questions and provide viable solution-based support.  Also potentially more importantly in an emergency situation we are ready to inform loved ones of the situation and work with Search and Rescue (SAR) teams to ensure your swift and safe return home.
  • Completion of required paperwork and harbor clearances including discussing your departure with local officials, Coastguard, Harbormasters, issuing NOTSHIP, obtaining port clearances etc.
  • Online presence – From tracking beacons to on board communications and website we can help make your challenge fully accessible to the wider world maximising your reach and providing proven ROI for sponsors.
  • Gathering local support and knowledge for your challenge at both start and finish ensuring you get the best information possible and an outstanding departure.

Choshi on land 009

  • Insurances – Through our partners we are able to provide you with search & rescue, medical and repatriation insurances and specialized medical consultancy service.
  • Media training – Not quite sure how to give that important media interview? Or how to shoot footage whilst at sea that can be used by the media or in a documentary.  We have experts in both areas ready to help you maximize your media potential.

Media Interview

  • Management of media coverage – When you’re at sea it’s virtually impossible to manage the media interest in your row.  We can work with you before departure to build your profile, write and send press releases, be a central point of contact for all media inquiries, arrange interviews and more.  We can shoot, edit and distribute b-roll footage and photographs to TV and other media outlets. Take a look at some of the great media coverage we have received.

We’d love to have a chat with you whatever stage of preparation you are at.  Whether it just be a dream of rowing an particular route and want to know more about how viable the route is or if you’re further along the journey and just need support services for during your row, please get in touch via the contact page and ask for a proposal to turn your dreams into reality.

We’re proudly working (or have worked recently) with these teams to support them during their ocean rowing challenges:

Round Britain Row – Solo – Andy Hodgeson

Rowing around the coast of Britain is no small feat. With swiftly changing weather and brutal tides that all but stop you from rowing for about half of the time the British coastline may seem benign and calm but is anything but simple.  Andy has already attempted this journey in 2017 but after nearly 4 months decided to call it a day and prepare for 2018.  After some further guidance from us and an on water training day we’ve made a few tweaks which we hope will see him arrive back under Tower Bridge to finish in under 4 months. 

Rowing the Indian Ocean
Indian Ocean – East to West

In June 2018, four British men plan to row their way into the record books by becoming the fastest four-man crew to row the Indian Ocean. Only half of the crews that have attempted the crossing have been successful – less than 50 people can claim to have rowed across the Indian Ocean. To put that into context, over 500 people have been into space, and Everest has been climbed over 7,500 times.


This team of four intrepid men wanted the unique experience of rowing more than 2000 nautical miles around the coastline of Great Britain.  Whilst not dead set on speed at all costs they wanted primarily to be successful, enjoy the experience and do themselves proud.  This they did in exceptional style, posting the fasted time that year and returning with some incredible stories of their journey. 


Ness Knight – California, USA to Australia
Pacific East to West (non-stop)

logoNess’ dream is to become the first female solo to row across the whole of the Pacific solo and non-stop. New Ocean Wave have been helping Ness from day 1.  Whether it is sculpting her sponsorship proposal, route planning or designing the perfect boat for her journey.  Ness is an accomplished adventurer having completed many extreme endurance events including standup paddleboating more than 1000 miles, cycling around the USA, running 15 marathons in 15 days or cycling the Namibian desert. We have been working with her to develop her sponsorship pack and giving her some great on water experience to give her the skills she will need to help her achieve her dream of rowing the Pacific.




Row to Rio – Mainland Europe (Portugal) to Mainland South America (Brazil)
Atlantic East to West

Row2Rio logoTo coincide with the Olympic venue making its crossing from London to Rio de Janeiro over the Atlantic Ocean, the Row2Rio team created a challenge which allowed them to honour the legacy of the Olympics. This challenge involved following the Olympic journey using human power alone, using a combination of rowing and cycling. The route itself hadn’t been attempted before, making the team true pioneers. The team worked with New Ocean Wave from the primary planning stages of the adventure to plot a route which allowed them to complete the journey using only an ocean rowing boat, bicycles and piles of determination.  New Ocean Wave was continuously involved assisting with logistics, provision of  land support whilst at sea including weather updates and providing guidance during many challenges faced including arrival planning at an unique arrival location.
You can learn more about the Row2Rio challenge here.


Ocean Valour – New York, USA to Salcombe, UK
Atlantic West to East

Tom Rainey and Lawrence Walters came to us after deciding to row the North Atlantic from New York to the UK.  Their aim was to set two new Guinness World Records and raise as much money as possible for the Brain Tumour Charity.  They asked for our help to raise media interest in their challenge to maximise the fund-raising potential of their challenge as well as managing logistics surrounding their start and communications whilst they are at sea. We travelled to New York, providing assistance with final boat preparations as well as securing the use of the prestigious North Cove Marina, Battery Park, Manhattan.  We provided a media boat on the day of departure, completed the world’s first ever live streaming of an ocean rowing departure.  With our help the row raised £100,000 for the charity, the largest amount for any single fundraising event in the charity’s history.  The media interest we were able to generate produced a reach in excess of 17 million with a AVE of £330,000.
You can look back at their journey at


Now it’s your turn.

If you have an idea of a route that you’d like to row or even just a thought of an adventure in an ocean rowing boat then get in touch and we can help walk you through every step that will take your idea and turn it into reality.

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