How to build your own ocean rowboat

We know that it can be difficult to find an ocean rowboat or costly to buy onw which is why we’re releasing these plans and construction details so you can build your very own ocean rowboat.  However, this boat does have a few drawbacks.  It is unlikely to support your weight and there is a real restriction on storage space but the benefits of this design are that it floats, comes in any colour you choose and costs the same as a sheet of paper.

Now we’ve given the game away it might be obvious that that the boat design we’re talking about is to build your own origami version of an ocean rowboat.

Origami ocean row boat

1. To start you will need a normal sheet of paper. An A4 or letter sized sheet is the perfect size. Take one corner and take it across to the opposite side making an equilateral triangle. Make a fold and cut off the excess thin strip at the top. Keep this strip to make the cabins later.

Origami boat 1Origami boat 2Origami boat 3Origami boat 4

2. Next fold the paper in half lengthways. Unfold and then fold the edges of the sheet in to meet along the line of the centrefold.

Origami boat 5Origami boat 6Origami boat 7

3. At one end fold, in the corners to meet in the middle along the centreline. Repeat this for the other end.

Origami boat 8Origami boat 9

4. Fold the whole boat in half across the length of the boat. Then unfold and use this fold line as a marker and fold in the four points on the edges of the boat as far as you can. The ends of the folds from each end of the boat should meet along the halfway marker fold.

Origami boat 10Origami boat 11

5. One last time, fold in the pointed sides of the boat to meet at the centreline.

Origami boat 12Origami boat 13

6. Starting from the middle of the boat and working outwards towards the ends, turn the boat inside out.

Origami boat 14Origami boat 15Origami boat 15Origami boat 16

7. For the cabins, take the thin strip that was left over from earlier in the process and create two smaller squares of paper using the same technique used earlier.

Origami boat 17Origami boat 18

8.Fold one corner into the centre of the square.

Origami boat 19Origami boat 20

9. Then fold the corners either side of the flap in to meet along the centreline.

Origami boat 21Origami boat 22

10. Fold these side flaps in half to complete a cabin and feed these ends into the boat hull at one end to mount the cabin onto the boat.

Origami boat 23Origami boat 24Origami boat 25Origami boat 26

Build another cabin for the other end and decorate with logos to complete your origami ocean rowboat.

Origami ocean row boat

Please send us your pictures of your completed origami ocean rowboats and we will add them to the gallery below.

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