Boats and equipment

An ocean row boat is the one item of equipment that each crew cannot do without. In addition to this each crew will need numerous pieces of equipment to be able to row across the Pacific Ocean.  Ocean row boats are ruggedly designed and built from glass fibre, carbon fibre or other composite materials to withstand the worst of the weather that the ocean can throw at them.  They are also designed to self right if they capsize.  Each boat has a water tight cabin at each end.  Generally one is used for storage and the other is used as the accommodation, where the crew can rest. The race rules restrict the use of boats to those within certain design parameters and define the different classes of ocean row boat. To learn more you can download a copy of the race rules from the Great Pacific Race page.
For more information about boats and where you can buy them from have a look at our Boat page which has more details about where you can buy ocean row boats including our boatmart page with cheaper second hand boats for sale
Under the deck of the boat are a number of individual watertight lockers used for storing ballast water, food and other pieces of equipment.  All electrical items on the boat are powered by batteries.  These are charged by solar panels placed on top of the cabins.  Standard electrical items include a GPS unit, lights, VHF radio, a watermaker (a small desalination device that turns sea water into drinking water) and a satellite phone.  Other electrical items often include a laptop or palm computer and MP3 player.
As part of your race documentation, you will be supplied with a equipment list detailing equipment that every crew must carry.  Most crews are able to negotiate discounts on equipment through sponsorship agreements with suppliers, and New Ocean Wave has also arranged a number of partnership agreements with suppliers who have agreed to offer discounts exclusively entrants in the Great Pacific Race.  Take a look at the FAQ page for the answers to other queries you might have or why not give us a call?
Above is a picture of a boat next to everything needed to row across an ocean (except rowers).  Can you spot everything on the list?
1 – Solar Panels 2 – Rudder 3 – Radar Target Enhancer
4 – VHF aerial 5 – Navigation light 6 – Satellite phone and laptop
7 – Toilet paper and bucket 8 – Freeze dried / Wet food & snack bags 9 – Oars
10 – Sleeping bags and pillows 11 – Day tank for fresh water 12 – Para anchor, drogues & warps
13 – Life Raft and immersion suits 14 – Life Jackets 15 – Flares
16 – Snorkeling gear 17 – EPIRB (Emergency Positioning Locating Beacon) 18 – Sheepskin seat pads
19 – Emergency manual watermaker 20 – Medical kit 21 – Tracking beacon
22 – Cookers and spare gas canister 23 – Waterproof clothing