The Great Pacific Race

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The Great Pacific Race is the biggest, baddest human endurance challenge on the planet. Ocean row boats of two and four people compete against each other in the world’s only human powered race on the Pacific.  The next Great Pacific Race starts in early June 2016 as our teams from around the world set out on a 2,400 mile journey across the world’s largest ocean from Monterey, California to Honolulu, Hawaii. This epic journey is expected to take between 30 and 80 days depending on the ability of the crew and the weather.  Each boat carries no sails or engines and is only moved by the muscle of the crew pulling on the oars.
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This extreme adventure is not for the faint hearted and the size of the challenge should not be underestimated.  However, each of the crews have spent months if not years preparing for the race, completing mandatory courses and gaining valuable practical experience of being at sea. With exceptional levels of support throughout all stages of the race from the first steps of planning to their arrival in Hawaii, we know they will be successful.

Up for grabs are four unique trophies

 The Uniting Nations Trophy for the fastest Classic Four

 The … trophy for the fastest Open Four

The Fairfax-Cook Trophy for the fastest Classic Pair.

The Saville Trophy for the fastest Open Pair.
fairfaxcooktrophy  Saville trophy

Each trophy is presented to the winning crew in each category then is returned to New Ocean Wave before the start of the next Great Pacific Race.  All ocean rowers who successfully complete the crossing will receive their own trophy to keep and a certificate in celebration of their achievement. New Ocean Wave will also liaise with the independent adjudicators of Guinness World Records for ocean rowing the Ocean Rowing Society regarding any World Records that are set or broken.Race Rules

The race rules are primarily to ensure the safety of all race entrants.  The race rules include details about mandatory equipment that must be taken and where it must be kept on the boat, the design of the boat itself and key dates regarding arrival at the race start.  They also define what counts as external assistance, penalties that will be applied in the event of a rule being broken and the training that each entrant should complete prior to the race start.

You can download a copy of the race rules via this link but for a copy of the appendixes and access to the entrant zone of the race website including exclusive discount and assistance from our team you’ll need to enter the race.

  Race rules GPR 2014 (378.3 KiB, 849 hits)

If you’ve ever thirsted for the chance to do something amazing, then why wait?  Do it NOW!
Entries for the Great Pacific Race 2016 are now open. You can sign up now by visiting the race entry page.

Alternatively, if you have more questions then you can register your interest here and we will contact you shortly.

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