The Great Pacific Race

The Great Pacific Race is the World’s leading human endurance challenge.  Ocean row boats of two and four people compete against each other in the first and only rowing race on the Pacific.  The next Great Pacific Race starts in June 4th  2016 when our teams from around the world will set out on a 2,400 mile journey across the world’s largest ocean from Monterey, California to Honolulu, Hawaii. This epic journey is expected to take between 30 and 80 days depending on the ability of the crew and the weather.  Each boat carries no sails or engines and is only moved by the muscle of the crew pulling on the oars.

This extreme adventure is not for the faint hearted and the size of the challenge should not be underestimated.  Each crew spend at least 6 months preparing for the race, completing mandatory courses and gaining valuable experience on the water as many have never rowed boat before deciding to take on this challenge.  However, the boats are forgiving and stable.  We provide exceptional levels of support, supplied by experienced experts through all stages of the journey from the first steps of campaign planning, to your arrival in Hawaii and we know with this quality of assistance you will be successful.  With dedication, hard work and our support everyone has the potential to row the Pacific.  If you have what it takes to take on the World’s leading human endurance challenge and row the Pacific then enter the Great Pacific Race 2016 now.

There are two options when deciding how to take part in the race.

Pay Per Seat – We offer individuals the opportunity to buy a seat as part of a four person team. We provide a fast boat, race entry fee, boat shipping and all mandatory equipment meaning all you need to do is complete the mandatory training courses and arrive in Monterey with your food ready to go.

We are recruiting for

  • Four women to join an all-female team of four (Team TBC)
  • Four men to join an all-male team of four (Team Uniting Nations)

The last team (Team Uniting Nations) to do this won the Great Pacific Race 2014 and set 4 new World Records in the process.  This is the easiest way to row the Pacific.  The cost is just £14,500 per seat for your opportunity to have an adventure of a lifetime.

We carefully match team mates together into crews based on personality profiles and how competitive you want to be, finally you also get involved and meet all the applicants to select your final crew.  Contact us via the form on the contact page for more information.

We also have limited spaces available for those who want to row in a team of two (pair) and can supply a boat with all equipment and logistics taken care of.  Get in touch for more information.

Setup your own crew – You may have some friends who you want to row with.  In this case you can enter the race and then buy a used or new boat to row in.  We are able to help at all stages of your preparation from helping to source a suitable boat for your team to helping with the logistics of shipping your boat to the start of the race.

How to raise the funds to participate?  We’ve put together a handy 10 point guide to give you some ideas of how to raise the cash needed.

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