The first thing you’ll need to take part in the Pacific Rowing Race is a boat.  There are a number of options open to you:

  • Buy a new boat from as established builder
  • Buy a used boat from someone who has finished their ocean row
  • Charter a used boat
  • Have your own boat built by a boat builder / build your own.

Buy a new boat

Below is a list of boat builders with experience of building ocean rowing boats.  We aim to add additional suppliers to this list in the near future.  Please click on the names of each supplier listed below for further details of the services and boats that they offer.  Be sure to mention New Ocean Wave when you inquire. We are also trying to arrange for more ocean row boat builders around the world.

SeaSabre – UK
Rannoch Ocean - UK
Rossiter Yachts - UK
Aquidneck  Custom – RI, USA

There is also the option to take ocean row boat plans to any competent boat builder and have them build a boat for you. To help with this we have made available the boat plans below so you can take them to a boat builder to discuss your requirements. This boat is designed to be constructed in a composite material. The exact layup will depend on your budget and requirements but will probably be something like – Gel coat, 300g CSM, 600g of biax, 2mm coremat core, 600g of biax. There will need to be plywood placed down for the decks, bulkheads and anywhere the crew will move and sleep.

Download the plans –

  Boat Hull Design (323.7 KiB, 1,251 hits)

These plans are in .dxf and .emf formats and require special software to be viewed.  There are a number of both free and fee items of software to download but here is a link to one of them – SolidWorks

Buy second hand

There are a number of second hand boats available around the world.  Why not take a look at our boatmart page to view details of boats that are currently available.
There is of course the option to buy a second-hand boat and have it shipped anywhere in the world.  If you would like us to view a boat based in the UK and send you our report on it then please let us know.  We are also aiming to co-ordinate shipping with race entrants at the same time to reduce the cost.  Please let us know if this is of interest to you.


Charter a used boat

Our sister company New Ocean Wave Charters Ltd is offering the charter of a four man boat with all mandatory equipment, delivered to the start line (and collected from the finish line) ready to row for a total of £58,000. ($97,000) We are also offering individual seats on another boat for £14,500 (~$22,000 each). All you have to do is complete the mandatory courses and training in the boat and add food. This really is the easiest and cheapest way to row an ocean and gives you much more free time to hunt down corporate sponsorship and setup fundraising events. These packages have been put together by experts in the sport. We will take you through how to use all the equipment and guide you as you become more familiar with the boat.

Please get in touch if this option is of interest to you and we can keep you up to date with the latest details.

Build a boat using a plywood kit construction

It is within the race rules to allow crews to build their own boats (or at least have use a boat builder to build one for you).  Any boat used for the race must conform to the dimensions laid out in the race rules and be constructed in a suitable manner from suitable materials.  We strongly recommend that you contact a professional boat builder / designer for assistance in construction of your own boat.  You will also be required to provide stability, self righting and other data relating to the design of your boat before it can be accepted as an entrant in the race.  You will also be required to provide documentation from a surveyor confirming that your vessel is built to suitable marine standards.

The following website sells the designs of a solo class boat which can be built in plywood. For some more details of how the boat can be built – click here.

Please be aware that the design of the boat that you enter into the Pacific Rowing Race MUST comply with all the race rules and regulations.  There are a number of restrictions on boat design in terms of maximum cabin height, ability to self right and position of fixed solar panels/hatches etc and materials used in the boat construction.  The general requirements of any boat participating in the race can be found here. If you would like to discuss these in greater detail please give us a call or email