The Great Pacific Race

Crews from around the world come together in California and take on the World's Ultimate Endurance Challenge as they row 2,400 miles to Hawaii.

Providing premium levels of support

We are ready to help every race entrant from the moment they decide to enter the race until they arrive in Hawaii. Everything from equipment selection to running seminars given by previous ocean rowers. We are ready to help, at any time.

Boat designs

Learn more about the different types of boat that participate in the Great Pacific Race

Realising a dream

Arriving into Hawaii is the realization of a dream. Get one step closer to seeing your dreams become reality today.

Friends forever

You'll join a unique community of those who share your ocean crossing. Overcoming the physical and mental challenges present during your row often has an incredibly positive impact for years to come.

Welcome to New Ocean Wave - organisers of the Great Pacific Race, NOMAN race & other challenges

We organize some of the world's toughest and most extreme ocean rowing challenges. The assistance we provide our crews is based on our own exemplary first hand experience of the sport over many years ensuring our race entrants remain safe whilst challenging themselves to the limit in the biggest, baddest, human endurance challenge on the planet. We are proud of the crews who race with us and look forward to helping you complete your ocean rowing dream.

Great Pacific Race

Great Pacific Race
Learn more about the Ultimate human endurance challenge. Be exceptional


Learn more about the premium charity race raising thousands for the HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation

Independent support

Independent support
You don't have to row in one of our events to benefit from our outstanding support services.
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